Barbara I

Barbara I, one of our main gold projects, located at the center of the Motagua River, in aldea El Terrerito,  Sansare,  departament of El Progreso, at the southwestern side of the Sierra de Las Minas and the country, at 25 miles from the capital, Guatemala city.

The Area of this project is 19.75 km2.   The topographic map scale 1:50,000 is El .Progreso 2160-1 edited by the Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN).

The geology of the area belongs to El Progreso Quadrangule, old rocks complex on Paleozoic Metamorphic assemblage known as Chuacus group.  All the rocks deposits in the area are  coming from a major event, the separation of two plaques, Mesoamerican and North American faults, formed in the late Mesozoic era, where major gold deposits were taken out and now are running all along the Motagua fault (right in the Rio Grande o Motagua where this project is located).



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