Our Mission Statement

Who Are We?

We are Rio Suerte S.A., located in Guatemala city, members of the Sociedes Mercantiles, Registro No. 73668, Folio 326, Libro 167. The company was founded in 2007, registered as a privately-held Guatemalan corporation and initially capitalized with a $USD million dollars worth of shares. It is the companies plan to be listed on the Gautemalan Stock Exchange when earnings and production reach projected levels. We have government-approved exploration licenses good for three years, after which they will be converted to development licenses. The listing of the stock on the public exchange will dramatically change the company.

The Company is dedicated to finding more gold: we’ve found some but that requires the river to recede beyond its present seasonal heights. We are dedicated to providing our investors with substantial returns and long-term growth. The Company has the knowledge base, the resident expert geologist and many other experienced staff who understand how this should be done. We are proud to have accomplished this in a short period of time and we look forward to exciting developments.

The Company is likewise dedicated to being environmentally sound, ethical and to minimize any effects of our efforts on the land. We will cut no trees, blaze no new roads and not contaminate the river in any fashion. We will never use chemicals, heavy equipment, ore crushers or dynamite. Our footprint will be as light as possible and we’ll pack our trash out.

The Company will use the latest and most sophisticated portable suction dredge to satisfy the demands of our licenses and our investors. We employ local labor and comply with any and all governmental restrictions. We are first and foremost dedicated to using the earth’s resources in a responsible fashion. It is our intent to reinvest in the community and the country and to bring prosperity to the underserved indigenous peoples that live in the area of the mines. We will seek out and ask for the blessing of our efforts by local religious figures. Our overall intent and mission is to live and work in harmony with the community and nature.


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