Day 12, Bacterias, factories of gold

Have the bacterias the ability to produce gold? In fact, yes, they can produce gold. In Guatemala, Rio Las Vacas if full of bacterias, because is full of garbish (and gold too…) Las Vacas river is a deposit of garbish and the river rises in Chinautla and Zona 18 Guatemala city and for several kilometers are full of garbish and almost when finds the Motagua River (still clean…) you can see pieces of plastics, clothing, foam, sponges, glass… you name it.  basura rio

And the bacteria found in that river can produce gold. We are not saying that garbish is good and nice, noup, garbish is garbish and is awful, dirty, toxic…  but the positive point is in fact that bacteria (lots of bacteria moleculas) can produce gold.. If we could make a plan like cleaning all the garbish and in the same time picking up all the gold on the way from that river, that would be fantastic.

Gold by geological process took thousands of years to be formed. As we say in other articles that pressure, heat, transportation and other geophysical processes have been used for the gold to be gold.  But now, there is other process, biological process and make gold by bacterias, yes.

But how a bacteria can produce gold? let`s see.

The alquemist bacteria we are talking about  is called Delftia acidovorans, and it turns out that its King Midas-like conversion is part of a self-defense mechanism. Gold ions dissolved in water are toxic, so when the bacteria senses them it releases a protein called delftibactin A.  The protein acts as a shield for the bacteria and changes the poisonous ions into harmless particles that accumulate outside the cells.

Bacteria-alquimistaAlthough the amount of gold that Delftia acidovorans release is tiny (the particles are 25-50 nanometers across) it’s possible that the bacteria or the protein could someday be used to dissolve gold from water or to help people identify streams and rivers carrying the mineral.

If we would like to produce gold using these bacterias we would have to use the biological sciences, biological tools like a very equiped lab… and we would have to put together a large quantity of bacterias (not a problem in Las Vacas river…) and develope techniques to extract the particles of gold from the bacterias or use them as efficent and accurate locators to find our gold…

Although is very difficult to do that… it has the potential for gold extraction, the bacteria or moleculas they secrete could be used for gold and make gold factories… depositphotos_1013503-Gold-nuggets-and--scoop


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