About Rio Suerte

This is a story that began several  years ago, combining all the elements of luck,fortune and those all too rare moments when everything seems to fall into place.

Only a small part of the river and the licenses.


Enter Robert Bookstein and add Edwin C, a former mechanic/jack of all trades just back from working on the new Hoover Dam cut-off project in Las Vegas. Throw in Jaime, a local geologist with gold dredging experience and whose father was also experienced in that field.

The geologist and the CEO

The geologist and the CEO

Gold? where is it? The Rio Motagua, north of Guatemala City, site of the ancient Mayan jade mines, situated right on the two active continental plates that keep shifting back and forth…they did some initial explorations, when the river was lower. They found gold, a few flakes here and there but enough to indicate that with better equipment, and given the geological signs, they’re close. Exploration licenses were obtained and money spent: a new truck, a portable rocker table and a portable floating dredge.

The mighty dredge

The mighty dredge

We went to the River Motagua yesterday,  five of us packed into the new Mitsubishi Crew Cab, the ice chest well strapped down in the rear. It was two and a half hours of dodging chuck-holes, cows, trucks and the occasional bicyclist. The weather held up and it didn’t rain. The river has dropped about three feet in the last week but its still running strong and muddy.

It will be another month or so before the waters recede far enough to bring in the suction dredge. One of the local workers for this bend of the river brought in a few flakes that he’d gathered from his sluice/shaker box before the river took it downstream. Its the real thing.

We listened to his stories about previous finds in this section of the river, not that long ago: I’d repeat them here but they sounded too good…I wouldn’t want to get to dreaming too soon, as I’ve been down that river before.


The River

The River

On the way out, lunch awaited at the cantina: the chicken, rice and potatoes bought that morning in Antigua were served straight from the oven, with river-style lemonade.



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